Kitakata Travel Guide

Kitakata is an area centered on Kitakata city in Aizu district of Fukushima Prefecture. The specialty of this region is a type of ramen made with crimped flat noodles.

Because the Kitakata region is blessed with delicious water and rice, it is famous for its many sake breweries. For tourist spots, you can tour a sake brewery at the “Obarashuzo Sake Brewery” or enjoy taste-testing lots of different kinds of sake at the Yamatogawa Shuzo Sake Brewery & Sake Museum "Hoppo Fudo-kan." For individuals interested in traditional buildings, the Kitakura Kura-no-Sato is a storehouse that is dedicated to teaching the history of storehouses.

When traveling around the sake brewery touring area, you can simply walk. The nearest train station in the area is Kitakata Station on the Ban’etsu West Line, and from there you can walk to various sightseeing spots. For accessing Kitakata from various major cities, you can use the Shinkansen or a traditional railroad line. From Tokyo, take the Tohoku Shinkansen to Koriyama Station and then switch to the Ban’etsu West Line. The total trip time is about 3 hours.

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