Kakunodate Travel Guide

Kakunodate is the area located in Semboku-shi of Akita Prefecture.

Kakunodate has been designated as a conservation district of traditional buildings of Japan.  In 1620, feudal lord Ashina who ruled the region at the time laid the foundation of the current Kakunodate skyline.  Among its various features, the samurai residences along the street lined with samurai houses, are preserved as a cultural heritage.  It is possible to tour the Bukeyashiki Ishiguro-ke (samurai mansion Ishiguro House), Aoyagi Samurai Manor Museum, Kawarada Manor, in addition to others, and are worth the stop if you are in the area.  At Kawarada Manor, there is also a Kakunodate Samurai House Museum and is recommended for people who are interested in learning about life in the samurai residences.

In spring, the 400 cherry trees planted along the Hinokinaigawa River are in full bloom and are a sight to see.  These trees were planted in 1934 and access is a mere 5 minute walk from the street of samurai residences.

Kakunodate also has many cafes and restaurants and the area is known for Inaniwa Udon noodles which have a history of over 300 years.  These udon noodles are characterized by their thinness and smooth texture.  Inaniwa Udon noodles are made in a unique way.  The dough is not kneaded and cut with a knife as usual, but instead, is completely stretched by hand to create this noodle.

The sightseeing spots of Kakunodate can be access by foot.  The closest train station to the area is Kakunodate Station on the Akita Shinkansen Line.  The Kakunodate Tourism Association is located in front of the station and visitors can take advantage of maps and other tourist information.

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