Hachimantai Travel Guide

Hachimantai is a plateaued volcanic area that straddles Iwate Prefecture and Akita Prefecture.

Plenty of people come to visit Hachimantai (Iwate Prefecture) to enjoy its wealth of leisure spaces throughout the year, including skiing spots, soccer fields, golf clubs, and camping facilities. Hachimantai is also notable for its onsen. The various onsen include Toshichi Onsen, Fukenoyu Onsen, Goshogake Onsen, Tamagawa Onsen, and many more.

You can enjoy skiing and onsen in winter, but you don’t want to miss the beautiful flowers from May to September. If you’d like to enjoy the flowers while trekking, we recommend the Boardwalk on the summit of Mt.Hachimantai. This boardwalk is fully equipped with walking paths. Every year in August a fireworks festival is held, so you may want to plan to visit around that time.

If you need to move freely around Hachimantai you should use a car. If you’re using the lodging facilities of ski areas like Appi Kogen or other similar locations, you may be able to use a hotel shuttlebus. The two primary roads for car traffic are the Aspite Line and the Jukai Line. The Aspite Line is a road connecting Hachimantai Ski Area to Akita Prefecture over a total distance of 27km. It is usually closed every year in November for the winter season, but it reopens in late April. After the road reopens you can enjoy seeing the huge piles of snow on either side that form a sort of corridor around the road. 

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