Hitoyoshi Travel Guide

Hitoyoshi is an area located in the southeastern part of Kumamoto prefecture.  Besides the city of Hitoyoshi, it also includes the city of Yatsushiro, the counties of Kuma and Ashikita and the city of Minamata.

Popular sightseeing spots in nature rich Hitoyoshi include Steam Locomotive Hitoyoshi, which you can ride while you look at the beautiful Kumagawa River scenery, Isaburo & Shinpei Train, a sightseeing train that connects Hitoyoshi with Kirishima, and Kuma-gawa River Cruise, which lets you use a traditional wooden raft.  Also, this area is famous for Kuma Shochu liquor, which has been enjoyed for more than 400 years, and there are many related spots such as the Kuma Shochu Museum Hakutake Densho-gura and Sengetsu Shuzo Distillery.  

You can get around this area by car and train.  The nearest station is Hitoyoshi and from major cities it is accessible by plane and conventional train.  The nearest airports are Aso Kumamoto Airport and Kagoshima Airport. From Tokyo, it takes about 3 hours including the time it takes to get from the airport. 

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