Arita / Imari Travel Guide

Arita / Imari is the area which includes Saga Prefecture’s Imari city and Nishi Matsuura city. The town of Arita in Nishi Matsuura city is famous for being the place where the first successful firing of porcelain took place in Japan. Along with Imari city, is known as the home of porcelain with Arita-yaki and Imari-yaki firing processes.

Because of this, there are many tourist destinations in the area related to porcelain. Suyama Jinja Shrine enshrines Yi Sam Pyeong, the Korean potter who was the first successful person to achieve Arita-yaki firing. Also, Izumiyama magnet field where magnet, the raw material for porcelain, was mined, is unique to the Arita area. For those who want to learn about history, technology and the transition of design can visit galleries such as the Arita Ceramic Art Museum in Arita town, The Kyushu Ceramic Museum, and Imari city’s Imari Nabeshima Gallery.

People who want to enjoy shopping should head to kamamoto. Kamamoto is a porcelain and ceramics manufacturer. There are retail and select shops specializing in pottery and you may find something you like while traveling through the area.

Although some tourist destinations are accessible by train (Arita Station, Imari Station), a car is recommended to efficiently get around the area. When using the nearest airport, Kyushu Saga International Airport, it is convenient to use a limousine taxi from the airport to Arita town (*reservation necessary). From Arita town to Imari city, it will take approximately 30 minutes by train or car.

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