Oze Travel Guide

Oze is a region located in the northern part of Gunma prefecture.  It includes the city of Numata, the town of Minakami, and the village of Katashinamura.

Ozegahara is a sightseeing spot you can’t miss.  Ozegahara is the largest wetlands on the island of Honshu and is designated as a natural monument and a national park.  The view of the surrounding mountains from the hiking course is beautiful, and from the spring to the end of the summer it is possible to see over 200 kinds of flowers. Along with Kusatsu and Ikaho, Minakami Onsen in the town of Minakami is one of Gunma’s famous hot springs spots and is great for healing tired muscles after enjoying outdoor activities. 

It is convenient to have a car for getting around this region.  This area is accessible by train and bus.  Besides the hiking entrance to Oze in Gunma prefecture, there are access points on the Niigata prefecture and Fukushima prefecture sides.  From the Tokyo area, use the Gunma access and from the Tohoku area it is easiest to use the Fukushima access.  In the summer season, buses run from the Shinjuku Bus Terminal to Oze’s Oshimizu entrance. 

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