Narita Travel Guide

The Narita area refers to the central area of the northern part of Chiba Prefecture, including Narita City, Katori City, Sakura City etc.

In Narita City there is the gate to Eastern Japan, Narita International Airport. There is also one of the most famous temples in Japan, "Naritasan Shinshoji" where the number of visitors to Hatsumodei is more than 3 million. The nearest station to Naritasan Shinshoji Temple can be reached via "Keisei Narita station", JR "Narita station" and takes 1 hour 30 minutes from Tokyo.

Located in the northeast of Narita City, Kaito City, Sahara, there are buildings as old as the Edo period here. Enjoy the breathtaking cityscape through "Shogo Edo Saiwa Shopping Tour" etc. where you can take a walk on the water by taking a small boat.

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