Kusatsu Travel Guide

Kusatsu is a hot spring area in Gunma Prefecture.  Along with Gero Onsen Hot Spring in Gifu Prefecture and Arima Onsen Hot Spring in Hyogo Prefecture, Kusatsu is one of 3 hot springs in Japan with the highest temperature.

The water of Kusatsu hot spring is acidic and is known for being hot, ranging from 51 ℃ to 94 ℃.  In order to cool these very high temperatures of the water springing from the hot spring source, a process called “Yumomi” (Mixing of the water using long, thin wood panels) occurs and visitors are able to view this process several times a day.  In addition, there are an abundance of attractions unique to hot spring areas Sai-no-Kawara Park where there is a river where hot spring flows, and a hot spring field where visitors can see how hot spring water spouts at its source.

At Kusatsu Onsen, not only do hotels and inns offer hot springs but there are also public baths where visitors can bathe for a low fee such as 100 yen, or even free.  Gozanoyu Hot Spring, Jizo-no-yu Hot Spring, and Ootaki-no-yu Hot Spring are conveniently located within walking distance from Kusatsu Onsen bus terminal.  In addition, at Gozanoyu, yukata (traditional garment) are available for rent from April through November and visitors can take a stroll around town wearing the traditional garment.

In the winter, visitors can also enjoy the ski resort.  At Kusatsu International Ski Resort, visitors can ski from Honshiranesan Mountain (altitude 2,100 m) to Tenguyama Mountain (altitude 1,245 m).  The resort also has a kids’ park so the resort can be enjoyed by the entire family.

The central location to access the hot springs and ski resort is Kusatsu Onsen bus terminal.  The hot springs are located in the vicinity of the bus terminal and there is also a bus that goes to the ski resort.  There are highway busses that go to Kusatsu Onsen bus terminal leaving from Tokyo Station and Shinjuku Station.  In addition, busses from JR Kusatsu Station and Karuizawa Station go to Kusatsu Onsen bus terminal.  The trip takes approximately 3 hours and 30 minutes from Tokyo by bus.

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