Yamanobe Travel Guide

Yamanobe is a region located in the northern part of Nara prefecture.  It includes the cities of Tenri and Sakurai.

There are many shrines and temples in the area such as Chogaku-ji Temple, a temple of Koyasan Shingon sect, Isonokami-jingu Shrine, whose hall of worship is designated as a national treasure, and Omiwa-jinja Shrine, which is counted as one of the oldest shrines in Japan. At Omiwa-jinja Shrine, there is no main sanctuary and Mt.Miwa, seen from the hall of worship, is the subject of faith. Such natural beliefs are said to have started in the Jomon period. Besides that, there are plenty of spots where you can experience ancient faith, such as the popular Yamanobe Road (mountain side road), a history exploration course that allows you see old burials and temples.

You can get around this area by train.  In addition to the Kintetsu Tenri line and the Kintetsu Osaka line, you can also use the JR Sakurai line.  From major cities, use Tenri Station via Osaka Station or Kyoto Station.  It takes about 1 hour to get to Tenri Station from each station.  It takes about 4 hours total from Tokyo by bullet train.  

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