Uji Travel Guide

Uji is the area centered around Uji city in the southern area of Kyoto Prefecture.  Uji River flows in central Uji city.

Uji is a city famous for being the stage of the Tale of Genji, the world’s oldest full-length novel.  The Tale of Genji is a love story written by Murasaki Shikibu during the Heian period (790-1100).  The Tale of Genji Museum which features a theme of the Tale of Genji, is located within Uji city.

The area has valuable buildings that were built during the Heian period, the same time period as the Tale of Genji.  Among them, Ujigami-jinja Shrine and Byodo-in Temple where registered as World Heritage Sites and are a must-see.  Byodo-in Temple is depicted on the back of the 10 yen coin that is used in Japan.  The Byodo-in Temple Museum Hoshokan, national treasures and important cultural assets related to Byodo-in Temple are on exhibit and is a recommended stop.

There is a nationally famous specialty product in Uji.  That is, Uji Matcha green tea.  At the Fukujuen Uji Workshop, visitors can experience tea making, green tea making and enjoy their time at a tea party at the tea house.

The central train stations to tourist destinations are Uji Station on the Keihan Uji Line, or Uji Station of the JR Nara Line.  Though these stations have the same name, they are approximately 1 km apart so beware of which station you would like to use.  From Kyoto, take the JR Nara Line to arrive at Uji Station as fast as 17 minutes on the fastest train.

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