Tajima Travel Guide

Tajima is a region located in the northern part of Hyogo prefecture.  It includes the cities of Asago, Yabu, and Toyooka and the county of Mikata.  The northern part faces the Sea of Japan. 

Tourist attractions include Genbudo Cave formed by magma settling, the 1,300 year old Kinosaki Onsen, and Tajima Coast Sightseeing Boat, where you can see the unique shoreline which has been designated as a national park.  We also recommend Takeda Castle Ruins, where you can enjoy fantastic scenery floating in the cloud sea from late autumn to winter.

You can get around this area by car or train.  From major cities, this area is accessible by train or express bus.  The nearest airport is Kounotori Tajima Airport and if you fly from Haneda Airport in Tokyo, you must make a connection at Osaka International Airport (Itami Airport).  It takes about 2 hours and 30 minutes. 

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