Hokusetsu Travel Guide

Hokusetsu occupies the northern part of Osaka prefecture.  It includes the cities of Ibaraki, Takatsuki, Minoh, Suita, Toyonaka, Settsu, and Neyagawa and the county of Hirakata.

For sightseeing, there is Expo’70 Commemorative Park which was the venue of the 1970 Osaka Expo. The site is vast and it is a popular spot for citizens and tourists, with the building of the venue of the Expo site, the Japanese garden, tennis courts, soccer field, shopping mall etc. centered on the Tower of the Sun created by the artist Okamoto Taro. 

In addition, we recommend Katsuo-ji Temple where countless Daruma dolls watch over, and Meiji no Mori Mino Quasi-National Park, with a beautiful mountain stream.

You can get around this area by car or conventional railway.  From major cities, you can take the monorail to Bampaku-kinen-koen Station. From Osaka, take the Hankyu line from Umeda Station to Yamada Station and take the monorail from there.  It takes about 45 minutes.

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