Yamaguchi Travel Guide

Yamaguchi is the area in central Yamaguchi Prefecture which includes Yamaguchi City, Mine City and Hofu City.  The southern area of Yamaguchi faces Yamaguchi Bay.

The famous tourist destination of Yamaguchi is the largest Karst Plateau in Japan, Akiyoshidai.  The animals and plants that appear seasonally at this wide plateau can be seen here.  In addition, the plateau appears golden full of pampas grass, and in the winter, Yamayaki (Mountain burning) is conducted in order to burn withered grass, and visitors are able to view both of these occurrences.

Near Akiyoshidai is Akiyoshidai Safari Land which makes use of the large plateau.  Within the grounds, visitors can feed lions and tigers while riding on a bus.

Under the Karst Plateau made of limestone is a large limestone cave.  The most famous of them is Akiyoshido Limestone Cave.  Visitors can walk the 1 kilometer tourist path in the cave.  The cave is the largest in Japan.  In addition to Akiyoshido Limestone Cave, there is a limestone cave called Kagekiyo-Cave.

To explore these tourist destinations, use a car or bus.  The central location for busses to these destinations is Yamaguchi Station.  Be sure to make use of the Yamaguchi Tourist Office outside of Yamaguchi Station.  To reach Yamaguchi Station from major cities, visitors can take a bus from Yamaguchi Ube Airport, or take a bullet train to Shin-Yamaguchi Station.

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