Bizen Travel Guide

Bizen is located in southeast Okayama Prefecture and is centered around Bizen city.  The coastline faces the beautiful blue sea and island landscape of the Seto Inland Sea.

Bizen city is the first place in Japan that opened a school for the common people.  The school was Shizutani School.  The old Shizutani School building has been designated as a national treasure and is now open to the public.

Also famous in Bizen is Bizen-yaki pottery.  It is said that the baking method was introduced from Korea during the Kofun era (around 300 to 700 AD) and is an evolution of Sueki earthen vessels.  Glaze is not used on the Bizen-yaki and patterns created by the ashes during baking creates unique vessels, each having a one-of-a-kind design.  At the “Bizen-yaki Pottery Workshop Mugen-an”, guests can try pottery using the pottery equipment that has been prepared in the facility.  In addition, The Okayama Prefecture Bizen Pottery & Comtemporary Art Museum features Bizen-yaki items on display and is a recommended stop for people who are interested.

To see Bizen-yaki, the closest train station is JR Imbe Station.  It is located a 40 minute train ride from Okayama Station in the center of Okayama Prefecture.  Certain areas are not accessible on foot.  Please consider using a bus or taxi in these cases.

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