Sado Island Travel Guide

Sado, which belongs to Niigata prefecture, is the largest island in the Sea of Japan and the city of Sado is located in the center. 

Sado is famous for gold, and former mining sites such as Sado Kinzan Gold Mine are open to the public for sightseeing. Besides that, experiences on Tarai Bune, fishing boats unique to Sado, are also popular. For those who are interested in Sado culture, we would like to recommend cultural facilities such as Ogi Folk Museum and "Seikuro Old House".

Sado, which is rich in nature, is working to restore the natural treasure designated and endangered toki (crested ibis) back to the natural environment.  At Toki-no-Mori Park (Toki Forest Park) you can observe the birds raised there.

You can get around this region by car or bus. It takes 2 hours 30 minutes by ferry from mainland Niigata to the island.  From major cities, you can get to Niigata by bullet train or airplane and take a ferry to the island from there.  When coming from Tokyo by bullet train, it takes about 4 hours total to get to the island. 

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