Furukawa Travel Guide

Furukawa is a region on the west side of the city of Hida.  Like Takayama, there are the remains of old townscapes.  

Traditional Townscape of Hida-Furukawa is a sightseeing area with highlights such as Town of White-Walled Storehouses along the Seto River, and Hida no Takumi Bunka Museum. In addition, various events such as the Hida Furukawa Festival and the annual Kenka Festival are also highlights of Furukawa. Furukawa Festival is registered as UNESCO's Intangible Cultural Heritage.

You can get around this area by JR or other railway.  From major cities, take bullet train, bus or conventional railway to Hida Furukawa Station. From Tokyo Station, take the bullet train to Toyama Station then change to the conventional railway.  It takes about 3 hours and 30 minutes.  

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