Azumino Travel Guide

Azumino is an area located in the northeastern part of Nagano prefecture.  In addition to the city of Azumino, it includes the village of Hakubamura and the county of Kitaazumi.

For sightseeing, there are many lovely natural spots for trekking such as the Happo One Nature Trail, Todoriki Old House and others and the Daio Wasabi Farm, which uses Azumino's delicious water.

Hakuba Village is also popular as a ski resort in winter. In 1998, the Winter Olympic Games, held once every four years, were held in Nagano Prefecture, and the ski resort of Hakuba village became a venue.

Please use car or train to get around this area.  In addition to the car rental in front of Hotaka Station, there are also bicycle rentals for getting around the area near the station.  From major cities, you can get to this area by express bus, bullet train, conventional railway, or car.  From Tokyo, it takes about 3 hours to get here by car.  

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